Please contact Rgr8Frenchies at or call 480-202-9973 (serious inquiries only) – you can also view pups on Instagram and facebook @rgr8frenchies – click the link at the top of the  page.

Go to OUR GIRLS page and you can see their AKC pedigree. Ammo is our Stud and you can see his AKC pedigree on OUR MALES page.



Rick and I reside in Queen Creek, Arizona.  We strive to provide beautiful french bulldog puppies that are healthy, happy and have the sweetest temperament. Our puppies will be raised in our home with around the clock care.  They will receive lots of TLC and socialization from our family including our grandchildren and other pets.

When receiving your new family member, they will have a veterinary exam, up to date vaccination record, deworming schedule., and finally a written health guarantee. All puppies will be AKC registered. Our puppies will be fed premium dog food. All our French Bulldogs are given NuVet vitamins daily. You can see more information on NuVet Vitamins in our link.

We can provide a puppy nanny that can fly with your new pup (in cabin) and meet you at the airport. I prefer the in cabin option as French Bulldogs are Brachycephalic and can not tolerate hot climates.  Please research this wonderful breed and make sure you are able to provide the right environment for the puppy. As previously mentioned french bulldogs can not handle extreme heat and can not be left in the backyard unattended for long periods of time.

A little about Rgr8frenchies, I grew up in Florida with my father being Sgt. of K9 for FT. Lauderdale PD. We had many german shepherds and raised rottweiler pups. Rgr8frenchies has a profound love of dogs.  We believe living without a dog is not really living. We have bred Cairn Terriers in the past- 3 litters. Our wheaton Cairn girl is now 13 years old and is still spry and spunky. Baxter our male unfortunately passed on when he was 11 years old. We knew we wanted to keep breeding dogs and ran across someone with a french bulldog. That is the day we fell in love with this breed. They are truly little clowns! We love everything about them, the gas, the snoring, the endless laughter they bring with their silliness.

After a lot of research on the breed and breeders we found our girl Luna in Ocala Florida. We flew from Arizona to Florida to pick her up. At 8 weeks old Luna was the most adorable puppy we had ever seen. My 13 year old Cairn adopted her into the fold.  We have added another female, Miffie -She is a red fawn black mask and comes to us by way of Florida. In late August we added a male to our breeding program his name is Ammonition- we call him “AMMO”.  He is a red sable black mask that is a tri carrier. 

 Our promise is to strive to breed healthy, beautiful and great tempered Frenchies. We breed for QUALITY not QUANTITY! 

Rick and Nicole