RGr8Frenchies: TSUNAMI (Lilac and Tan)
Sire: Love my Gianni (Lilac and Tan)
Dam: RGr8Frenchies Cinder (Blue and Tan)
Whelped: April 25, 2020
Eye cert & hips info: Clear

Call Name: Tsunami




Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE: Love my Gianni Mr. Kipling Morganzbullz My Lilac Fawn
Betty of Pendine
Sweet Bou Wall-E Lamorena Del
Amoren La Nielba
DAM: RGr8Frenchies CINDER


Love my Channing Iconic Bulldogs Frank Sinatra
Thomas Silver Mist
Misty of Texas Blackgold’s Lil Man Yoda
I Spy Frenchies Cali Girl