Attached are photos sent to RGR8FRENCHIES by new owners of puppies


Freddie _ Aka Yoda – Cinders pup

Raleigh and Wallace – Cinders pups 11 months old

Wallace Cinders pup 11 months old










Wallace cinders pup 11 months old


Gertie (Merle) from Minnies litter                                       Gertie (minnies litter) and tsunami (cinders litter) 10 months old



Photos from new owners of Cinders pups born 4/25/2020


Yoda (now Freddie)in his new home             Freddie with his new sister




Kylo (now Wallace)  in his new home in Buffalo NY


Chewy in his new home 6/2020



Raleigh in his new home in Buffalo, NY. July 2020


Cinders pups leaving for new homes born 4/25/2020

     Yoda New owner now Freddie                  Vader new owner now Raleigh       Jabba(Raleigh) & Kylo (Wallace) New owners




Tank – Luna and Ammo pup Oct 2018       Updated Tank Photo from Owner Sent 7/1/2020 2 yrs old              Updated Tank photo from owner sent 7/1/2020 – 2yrs old



The puppies below are from the breeding of Luna and Puck – Born  Feb 22, 2018

REGGIE (AKA light blue collar)


BRUCE (AKA yellow collar)




TATER TOT (AKA purple collar)


ZIGGY (Brindle blue fawn)


GYPSY (AKA red collar)


WILLOW (AKA Black Collar)